Cupcakes Cups

Hey guys! 

When you're looking for a clever way to brighten up a party, consider baking cupcakes & placing them into bright & colorful cupcake cups.  My husband & I made these yesterday for Valentine's Day - even though it was for a party of 3 (hubby, me & our son) I thought it might be fun to try this together! We purchased a fun cupcake cup pack with decorative hearts from Eli's Market here in NYC.  Eli's Market is a great place to get fun & unique sweets for entertaining or just to eat at home! 

How cute are these?

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day yesterday!



  1. Lovelly and delicious :)

  2. These are way too cute to eat!

  3. These are nice! I wanna do something similar so i'll rent some stuff from Fat Lama so i can get on it this weekend!

  4. Wow! Cupcakes are looking yummilious and the way you decorated those cakes are incredible!

  5. Wow,amazing, got to try it out

  6. My little girl just loooves this, thank you.


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